Committed to creating a positive hockey experience for all, Hockey Calgary is pleased to provide this convenient online course for hockey parents.

This 1 hour online program is designed to reinforce a parents role in a child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's fun and camaraderie of the activity.

We are certain Respect in Sport will have a positive impact on our game and we are committed to keep the momentum going!

New for the 2016/2017 season:  RIS Parent certification is now required PRIOR to registration

Respect in Sport (RIS) Certification is a requirement of Hockey Calgary and Hockey Alberta.

***Important*** When beginning the course it is important to open "Child Management" and enter all children you are registering in hockey. All children must be listed here in order to associate your certification with your child's Hockey Canada record. To aide with connecting your certification to your child's record, children's names should be entered using the same spelling as when they were registered with Hockey Canada.

Also you must choose the association your child is registered in to ensure your certificate is linked to your child's profile. 

Visit the Respect in Sport Online Course

Already certified, but registering a new participant this season?  Please use the following instructions to "Add a Participant" to your RIS account:

Link RIS to New Participant

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Respect in Sport Parent Program?

Respect in Sport Parent Edition provides information on a parents natural influence over their child, and the role they play in their child's enjoyment of a sport or activity. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behaviour.

Why is this being implemented?

Hockey Calgary believes that the hockey experience for all involved should be built on a foundation of respect. Respect in Sport helps us promote these values through this simple and convenient on-line tool. The Respect in Sport Parent Program is being implemented to provide an enhanced sport environment for our children.

How is Respect in Sport implemented?

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is presented as an online curriculum and includes audio/visual presentations.

What equipment is required to complete the program?

All that is required to complete the Respect in Sport curriculum is a computer, an Internet connection, and speakers or a headset. Optional equipment includes a printer to print out your certificate of completion.

What if I don't have a high-speed connection?

The course is designed to be accessible from any computer using dial-up or high-speed internet. Once registered, the user experience is the same at any speed.

What if I don’t know anything about computers? 

Through extensive research and development, the program was designed, first and foremost, to be user friendly.  There is also an on-line “Help” feature and a 1-800 support line available.

Is there a paper version of the program?

No, by design. Hockey Calgary is continuously looking for tools that will help us create stronger organizations at minimal cost. Respect in Sport's online courseware eliminates the need for our organization to absorb printing, mailing and administration costs. Respect in Sport also gives you ongoing access to the course once you've completed it, as an online resource.

How long is the course?

It's a total of 1 hour.

Do I have to do it all at once?

No. You can do it at your leisure, come and go as required. The program remembers where you left off and brings you back to that point when you next sign-in. You can even do it from different computers.

Do I have to take the course every year?

Not at present time, however Hockey Calgary will review this each year. 

How do I find my Respect in Sport number?

Respect in Sport numbers can be found through this link: https://hockeyalbertaparent.respectgroupinc.com/secure/. If you cannot find it through that link, please contact Respect in Sport directly.

Help Desk

If you require additional technical assistance with program operation or computer glitches please call the 24/7 Help Desk. The service is in both English and French.

Email: Helpdesk@respectinsport.com

Toll Free Telephone: 1-866-945-9906

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