Community Council

Our largest stream of hockey is Community.  Community Council oversee all teams and leagues in the U7 (Timbits), U9, U11 and U13 age categories.  They also oversee tiered leagues in U15 and U18 lower than AA and a U21-C league.

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U7 U9 U11 U13 U15 U18 U21
U7 Tier 1 Junior U9 Flames NCHL U11 Flames NCHL U13 Flames NWHL U15 Girls U18 A Girls U21 C
U7 Tier 1 Senior U9 Flames NWHL U11 Flames NWHL U13 Flames SCHHL U15 Tier 1 BC U18 B Girls
U9 Flames SCHHL U11 Flames SCHHL U13 Flames WCHL U15 Tier 1 NBC U18 Tier 1 BC
U9 Flames WCHL U11 Flames WCHL U13 Girls U15 Tier 2 BC U18 Tier 1 NBC
NCHL U9 Cohort 1 U11 Girls U13 AA U15 Tier 2 NBC U18 Tier 2 BC
U9 Tier 1 NCHL U11 Cohort 1 U13 Tier 1 U15 Tier 3 BC U18 Tier 2 NBC
U9 Tier 1 North U11 Tier 1 U13 Tier 1 North U15 Tier 3 Blue NBC U18 Tier 3 BC
U9 Tier 1 South U11 Tier 1 North U13 Tier 1 South U15 Tier 3 NBC U18 Tier 3 NBC
WCHL U9 Blue Cohort U11 Tier 1 South WCHL U13 Blue Cohort U15 Tier 3 Red NBC GHC U18 Cohort 1
NCHL U9 Cohort 2 WCHL U11 Blue Cohort U13 Tier 2 U15 Tier 4 NBC GHC U18 Cohort 2
U9 Tier 2 NCHL U11 Cohort 2 U13 Tier 2 North GHC U15 Cohort 1 GHC U18 Cohort 3
U9 Tier 2 North U11 Tier 2 U13 Tier 2 South GHC U15 Cohort 2
U9 Tier 2 North Blue U11 Tier 2 North WCHL U13 Green Cohort GHC U15 Cohort 3
U9 Tier 2 North Red U11 Tier 2 South U13 Tier 3 GHC U15 Cohort 4
U9 Tier 2 South WCHL U11 Green Cohort U13 Tier 3 North
WCHL U9 Green Cohort U11 Tier 3 U13 Tier 3 South
U9 Tier 3 U11 Tier 3 North U13 Tier 3 South Blue
U9 Tier 3 North U11 Tier 3 South U13 Tier 3 South Red
U9 Tier 3 South WCHL U11 Red Cohort WCHL U13 Red Cohort
WCHL U9 Red Cohort U11 Tier 4 U13 Tier 4
U9 Tier 4 U11 Tier 4 North U13 Tier 4 North
U9 Tier 4 North U11 Tier 4 South U13 Tier 4 South
U9 Tier 4 South WCHL U11 White Cohort U13 Tier 5
U9 Tier 4 South Blue U11 Tier 5 U13 Tier 5 North
U9 Tier 4 South Red U11 Tier 5 North U13 Tier 5 South
U11 Tier 5 South U13 Tier 6
U11 Tier 6 U13 Tier 6 North
U11 Tier 6 North U13 Tier 6 South
U11 Tier 6 South
U11 Tier 7
U11 Tier 7 North
U11 Tier 7 South

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24 Nov

Coach Night Series Featuring Dean Seymour

6:30pm at Virtual (Zoom) or In-Person (Don Hartman North East Sportsplex)

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3 Dec

Coach Night Series Featuring Chris Bruce

6:30pm at Virtual (Zoom)

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28 Dec

Calgary Elite Hockey Camp - Christmas Hockey Camp

9:00am at Flames Community Arenas

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