Volunteer Celebration

Hockey Calgary Volunteer Celebration!

2019-20 Recipients 

The 2019-20 hockey season came to an abrupt halt on March 13, 2020.  With the numerous restrictions in play Hockey Calgary was forced to cancel many of our events.  One such event was our Awards Gala, where we celebrate the great volunteers who make the overall hockey program in Calgary such a success.  Now that we are in full swing with the 2020-21 season we wanted take some time to acknowledge the people and organizations that went above and beyond in 2019-20.

At this same time I also want to acknowledge the tremendous volunteer support that we have had to kick off this season. The start up to the 2020-21 season has been no easy feat, with the government restrictions, physical distancing protocols, spectator guidelines and cohort management required has been extremely difficult and time consuming.  The volunteer community within our Associations have been even more committed and dedicated then ever and we are truly blessed to have such loyal volunteers.  From the staff of Hockey Calgary and our board of directors I want to thank you for keeping the game going, and more importantly keeping the game safe for our kids.

Please join me in congratulating the following 2019-20 award winners for their continued commitment to their Associations and the Hockey Calgary program.

- Kevin Kobelka


Past Recipients 

2018/2019 Hockey Calgary Award Winners:

Executive Director Award - Ron Chicoyne
Hockey Alberta Award  - Ward Stene
Association of the Year Award  - Crowfoot
Outstanding Service Award  - Elaine Bereziuk-Smith, Sherry Gauthier, Monica McIlwrick, Kay Hunter-Davis, Peggy Kientz
Coach of the Year Award  - Rick Remenda
Ian Andersen Memorial - Official of the Year  - Kayley Young

Association Volunteer of the Year:

Blackfoot - Chris Rysynyk
Bow River - Mike Burke
Bow Valley - Brad Kessler
NW Warriors - Tania lew
Crowfoot - Richard Andrews
Glenlake - Caroline St Mar
Lake Bonavista - Bonnie Stone
McKnight - Kendra Myhre
Mavericks - Jennifer Wood
Saints - Courrtney Beleile
Southwest - Chris Beaton
Simons Valley - Derek Dunn
Southside - Dan Stang
Springbank - Jan Nicholson
Trails West - Regina Beleile
GHC - Jody Forbes
RHC - Sally Ng
CBHA - Lee Anne Beesley
CNHA - Lori Duncan
CRAA - Steve Giacomin
NWCAA - Tammy Yakemchuk

2017/2018 Hockey Calgary Award Winners:

Executive Director Award - Brent Murray
Hockey Alberta Award  - Chris Bruce
Association of the Year Award  - Glenlake
Outstanding Service Award  - James Fonnyadt
Coach of the Year Award  - Emmet Crowchild
Ian Andersen Memorial - Official of the Year  - Logan Parsons
Safety Award  - Darlene Kirkwood

Association Volunteer of the Year:

Blackfoot - Simon WhitField 
Bow River - Brad Affleck
Bow Valley - Steve Eady
NW Warriors - Bernie DeGroot
Crowfoot - Ron Visser
Glenlake - Mike Wood
Lake Bonavista - Paulette Niedermier
McKnight - Mark Bjarnason
Mavericks - Corey Severtson
Saints - Karin Kronen
Southwest - Sandy Grant
Simons Valley - Randy Groeneveld
Southside - Ian Brown
Springbank - Dave Findlay
Trails West - Calvin Wall
GHC - Jamie Martin
RHC - CrystalFitzgerald
CBHA - Cathy Kennedy
CNHA - Kevin Wagner
CRAA - Jim Gilholme
NWCAA - Claudia Issler

Previous Winners