Health and Safety Management

Keeping all Hockey Calgary members safe is our top priority, not only dealing with physical injuries, including concussions, but also mental wellness and ensuring our dressing rooms, stands and events are a safe haven for everyone. We hope all the information and links you require are listed below. Please contact Hockey Calgary should you require further information 403-245-5773. Click the images below to learn more about the topic!

Hockey Canada and its Members want to end the culture of silence that exists in parts of hockey. To help ensure that we are a safe space for raising concerns, Hockey Canada has established a new, fully independent, and confidential reporting mechanism for all individuals regarding any incidents involving Hockey Canada sanctioned programming. 


Group23 Sports Medicine is so excited to join the Hockey Calgary family! As sport medicine providers for the Flames, Stampeders and thousands of Calgarians, we look forward to making a difference in the health of the next generation of athletes.

The most important thing to know about us is our specialist physicians are happy and able to see you WITHOUT a doctor’s referral. You don’t need to sit in emergency, book an appointment with your family doc, or use the ‘wait and see’ approach. Elite care is available to you today!

If injured on the ice (or excitedly cheering in the stands), immediately text us at 403•990•0841 and we’ll arrange an appointment with our Accelerated Access Sports Injury Clinic (AASIC) where you can receive an assessment, x-rays, diagnosis, and treatment plan – all in ONE appointment and covered by AHS!

The same is true for a nagging twinge or tweak – no need to get a referral – if you’ve been injured in the last three months, text us to book an AASIC appointment and we’ll get you in within a week or two.

The second thing you should know about Group23, is we practice medicine differently. We take an integrated biological, social, and psychological approach to care, because we are all more than our physical symptoms.

What does that mean?

  1. Our clinic is full of collaborative providers – medicine, physiotherapy, massage, nutrition and lifestyle, injections, bracing and orthotics, x-rays, etc. all working together and in one place! This is most convenient for you and supports the best chance of successful recovery.
  2. Any treatment plan is based on your personal goal for recovery. You get to specify what success looks like for your journey, and our professionals create a plan to get you there.

To see us in clinic (located at Winsport), book online at, or call 403•284•4040







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