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The U9 Development League (U9-DL) is a partnership between Hockey Calgary and its community member associations in which they operate the Novice age category as a skills based age category.  The U9-DL focuses on skill development and the fundamentals of hockey for kids aged 7 and 8.  The purpose of this league is to address the need for more skill development in the novice age category.  Our goal is to provide a positive environment for learning the fundamentals of hockey and to stimulate interest and desire to continue playing the game of hockey.


The U9-DL is a league in which the associations promote coach, parent, official and player education during the season.  Each player will be evaluated fairly within each association and placed on a team where they are best suited.  Teams are limited to when and how many games they can play.  As a result, players will practice more and play fewer games to increase their skills before playing full ice games compared to that of other age categories

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Benefits of Half Ice Hockey

Seasonal Structure

Rink Board Divider Location

Location Association Owner
Bowness Bow River Hockey Calgary
Cardel 1 Southwest Hockey Calgary
Cardel 2 Knights Hockey Calgary
Crowchild Blue NWW Hockey Calgary
Crowchile Red NWW NWW
Crowfoot Raiders Hockey Calgary
FCA Gold Glenlake/Trails West Glenlake/Trails West
FCA Red Glenlake/Trails West Glenlake/Trails West
Frank McCool Wolverines Hockey Calgary
Huntington Hills McKnight Hockey Calgary
Lake Bonavista Knights Hockey Calgary
NESS West Raiders Hockey Calgary
Optimist Trails West Hockey Calgary
Perry Cavanaugh GHC Hockey Calgary
Springbank Joe Phillips Springbank Springbank
Springbank Red Dutton Springbank Hockey Calgary
Trico 1 Bow Valley Bow Valley
Vivo Arena 1 Raiders Hockey Calgary
West Hillhurst NWW NWW






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