Pee Wee Girls

Recent Games
Feb. 19, 8:30pm PG League Game
8 H GHC Spark
0 V GHC Blaze
Feb. 19, 7:00pm PG League Game
Feb. 15, 12:30pm PG League Game
3 H GHC Spark
Feb. 15, 11:00am PG League Game
- H GHC Blaze
- V GHC Heat
Feb. 12, 7:00pm PG League Game
0 V GHC Blaze
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Upcoming Games
Feb. 22, 4:15pmHenry Viney
PG League Game
HGHC Flames VGHC Heat
Feb. 22, 5:45pmHenry Viney
PG League Game
HGHC Ignite VGHC Spark
Feb. 28, 6:45pmMurray Copot
PG Tournament Game
Mar. 1, 11:15amOptimist
PG Tournament Game
Mar. 1, 12:45pmOptimist
PG Tournament Game
HTBD VWinner of Game #201T00006
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Contact Information

For any league questions or concerns, please contact the Pee Wee Girls league chairperson, Shannon Burch via email at:

Upcoming Events

25 Feb

Subway City Championships: Atom and Bantam (Community)

25 Feb

Subway City Championships - PeeWee and Midget (Community)

26 Feb

Subway City Championships - Junior C (tentative)

12 Mar

DEADLINE: Request to host a tournament in April

14 Mar

Timbits Jamboree


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