Pee Wee 2 South

Recent Games
Jan. 27, 8:30pm P2S League Game
Jan. 26, 3:45pm P2S League Game
Jan. 26, 12:30pm P2S Tournament Game
4 V Chestermere Lakers
Jan. 26, 9:45am P2S League Game
Jan. 26, 9:30am P2S Tournament Game
7 V Invermere Rockies
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Upcoming Games
Jan. 28, 6:35pmGreat Plains Rink 2
P2S League Game
HBow Valley 2 Black VKnights 2 White
Jan. 31, 7:00pmCardel Rec South 1
P2S League Game
HSouthwest 2 Blue VGlenlake 2 Green
Feb. 1, 1:15pmWinSport C
P2S League Game
HTrails West 2 Red VTrails West 2 White
Feb. 1, 3:00pmCardel Rec South 2
P2S League Game
HKnights 2 White VBlackfoot 2
Feb. 1, 3:15pmFlames Community - Red
P2S League Game
HGlenlake 2 Green VBow Valley 2 White
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Contact Information

For any league questions or concerns, please contact the Pee Wee 2 South league chairperson, Scott Maier via email at:

Upcoming Events

31 Jan

Subway City Championship schedules available at HC website

10 Feb

DEADLINE: Player registration - junior only

12 Feb

DEADLINE: Request to host a tournament in March (NOTE: Subway City Championships for Atom and up Feb 25 to Mar 19)

25 Feb

Subway City Championships: Atom and Bantam (Community)

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