Bantam 2

Recent Games
Nov. 20, 7:30pm B2 Seeding Round
Nov. 19, 8:30pm B2 Seeding Round
Nov. 18, 8:15pm B2 Seeding Round
Nov. 17, 8:30pm B2 Seeding Round
Nov. 17, 7:30pm B2 Seeding Round
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Upcoming Games
Nov. 23, 2:15pmFlames Community - Gold
B2 Seeding Round
HTrails West 2 Red VNW Warriors 2
Nov. 23, 5:45pmTrico Centre 2
B2 Seeding Round
HBow Valley 2 VCrowfoot 2
Nov. 24, 1:30pmThorncliffe/Greenview
B2 Seeding Round
HMcKnight 2 VTrails West 2 White
Nov. 24, 3:15pmVivo - East
B2 Seeding Round
HSimons Valley 2 VSpringbank 2
Nov. 24, 6:00pmJack Setters
B2 Seeding Round
HBlackfoot 2 VGlenlake 2
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Contact Information

For any league questions or concerns, please contact the Bantam 2 league chairperson, Leigh Passey via email at:

Upcoming Events

29 Nov

DEADLINE: Request to host an out of town tournament during the Regular Season (January 2 to February 23)

30 Nov

Junior Timbits may begin playing formal games

1 Dec

DEADLINE: Overage player applications

2 Dec

DEADLINE: Request schedule window to attend a tournament - Regular Season January 2 to February 23

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