NWCAA Ice Breaker


Tournament Rules are as follows:

  1. Home team will wear dark jerseys.
  2. 5-minute warmup.
    1. Three periods of 20 minutes stop time.
    2. Flood between periods.
    3. Drop clock will apply if time runs out.
    4. 5 man shoot out format, if there is still a tie after 5 man you will proceed through the roster until there is a winner.
  3. A team will be awarded the following points
    1. 2 points for winning a game, 
    2. 0 points for a loss for all round robin tournament games.  
    3. No ties will be allowed.  Should there be a tie with 5 minutes left in the game, regular play will stop, and a shoot-out will begin.  
  4. Home team will be responsible for using and running the AEHL scorekeeping system.  Home team must supply the equipment and supply score and timekeeper and 2 penalty box people.
  5. Suspensions will apply.  If a player does not make a team the suspension will follow the player.
  6. Ties after completion of round robin play will be broken in the following order:
    1. Head-to-Head
    2. Goals for minus goals against.
    3. least penalized team
    4. decision by Tournament Official Most wins.

Good luck to all teams and their players.  If you have any questions please contact Claudia Issler at nwcaaoperations@gmail.com.  There will also be a NWCAA Representative on site for the entire tournament.

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