Players must register with their designated Association as determined by the residence of the player on September 1st of the current playing season.  If the player resides outside the Association they wish to register with, the player may apply to Hockey Calgary for a Player Release.

The Player Release webform must be completed by the parent/guardian in the case of a minor player.  Hockey Calgary will then relay all pertinent information contained in the request to all affected Associations and provide a preliminary decision based on the criteria for granting a release, detailed below.  All affected Associations will be asked to reply with their position and Hockey Calgary will then provide written notificaiton to the applicant of the final decision.  If the request is granted the player is then eligible to register with the preferred Association.  If the request is denied the player is entitled to appeal in accordance with Hockey Calgary Regulation 27.

No player will be allowed to skate or try out in any hockey program until properly released by Hockey Calgary as well as obtained any necessary waivers.



  1. Community ties (minimum of 3 consecutive seasons with preferred Association)
  2. Sibling plays for or is released to preferred Association
  3. Registration in designated Association is closed
  4. Excess/shortage of players (particularly goaltenders)
  5. Membership has been denied by the designated Association
  6. Movement by Special Exception (consideration of Extenuating Circumstances as detailed on your application)

Player Release Request Form



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