Esso Minor Hockey Week


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                                                    OPENING CEREMONIES

We have 2 HUGE events taking place and would like your cooperation in spreading the word to your Family and friends.  Come out early and watch the Alumni play the Half ice Game, after which we will be having a RED CARPET Ceremony.  We will have a few special guest and keynote speakers as well.

At 3:15 p.m. – we have the Flames Alumni vs Rob Kerr’s media team playing the Novice half ice game vs the Flames Alumni Group.

There will be introductions as to who is participating in the game
George Canyon will sing the Anthem
Bring a nonperishable item for the Food Bank

Please have BOTH teams ready to go out on the ice at 4:15 p.m.

4:30 p.m. – Lake Bonavista 3 are Home and NWW 3 White are Visitor

Both teams will be announced by roster out onto the ice and stand along the blue lines.
We will have an anthem singer and puck drop
Please have your captain come to center ice and do the puck drop
Following there will be a 3 min warm up and the game will start at exactly 4:45 p.m..

After the game we will be having a Ceremonial Cake Cutting in the lobby so please bring everyone to the lobby and enjoy a slice of 40th Anniversary ESSO Minor Hockey Week Cake.





This year we are proud to recognize the 40th anniversary where Imperial Oil has been the major supporting partner for “Esso Minor Hockey Week”.   Imperial has been closely linked to Canada’s national sport since sponsoring the first national radio broadcasts of professional hockey in 1936. Their sponsorship today is focused on hockey events, activities and programs that support kids and local communities across Canada including Esso Medals of Achievement, Esso Fun Days and Esso Minor Hockey Week in Calgary.

Whether your team plays two games, or are fortunate to play all the way to the Championship game, you have been part of the of the pure joy that makes Esso Minor Hockey Week so special. Each year, at this time, we have come together as a hockey community, we have played hard together and we can all leave together with a smile on our face because we have all been part of the largest hockey tournament in the world!



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