Information on Affiliates.


In RHC, an "Affiliate Player" is any other player who is registered in RHC in the same age bracket or in a younger age bracket.   

Coaches may not use a player who is registered in Community Minor Hockey, except for a goaltender. A goaltender of the same age bracket that is playing in Community Minor Hockey may playfor a Recreational Team. We do expect coaches to be reasonable in using this rule.  The preferred affiliate goaltender is another goaltender in RHC. Affiliate goalies may be used any time the assigned goalie is absent.

Affiliate skaters may be used only when a team has fewer than 10 skaters. Affiliate skaters shall be identified on the game sheet with "A/P" following their name. (Timekeeper).  

With the agreement of the Referees, team may "loan" their opponent a player or two when one team has a full bench and the other is short. The referee has the final say in this regard. 

Teams may also choose to play "4 on 4" by agreement of the Coaches involved. The short team must have eight (or fewer than eight) skaters. The Referees are not obligated to agree to this type of play. 

Affiliate players may only play a maximum of 5 times for another team.  

When a team is short a Goaltender, the teams shall share playing time of the playing Goaltender on an equal basis. 

If you have invited an affiliate player and the player you are replacing shows up, allow him to play and notify the Division Coordinator.

Affiliate Exception: Esso Minor Hockey Week and End of Year Tournament:

During Esso Minor Hockey Week (EMHW), the only affiliate you may use is a goaltender and he or she must be from another RHC team.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. EMHW is a tournament, and RHC wants the winning team to be the best team, not the team with the most aggressive recruitment policy. 

Violation of this rule will result in the offending team forfeiting any victory obtained while using the ineligible player(s).

This rule applies as well to RHC's End of Year Tournament. 


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