Hockey Calgary would like to help you and your minor hockey team with fundraising! We will use this page to post fun and different fundraising opportunities for your team to utilize to meet fundraising goals this season. Check this page often for updates! Please note the below fundraising initiatives are paid advertisers.

Hockey Calgarys Official Health and Fitness Sponsor!

Recovering Couch Potato Fitness

"Win, Win, Win at Fundraising! 


During Hockey Practice are you freezing your butt off waiting for it to be over?  WIN, and utilize your time!
Do you wish you were in better shape?  WIN, and get active!
Do you dread the last-minute rush to fundraise for the kids' team?  WIN, and fundraise!

Everyone could be in better shape, and every team could use more fundraising, but who has the time!?  Recovering Couch Potato Fitness has way to conquer all three by conducting Fitness Classes during Hockey Practice!

How it works:

  • Team Representative (ie: Manager) contacts Recovering Couch Potato Fitness to review the teams' schedule (ie: monthly) to determine availability and onsite room facilities for a Fitness Class.
  •  Recovering Couch Potato Fitness will plan, organize and put on a Fitness Class for parents to drop in. Drop in rate is $15. 
  •  Initial revenue from the Class goes to pay any expenses (for example rent charges for the venue). 
  • 25% of the net proceeds each month are given back to the team, after expenses are paid.
  • Recovering Couch Potato Fitness offers classes by a Certified and Insured Personal Trainer

Fitness Classes are not only limited to parents associated with the team, bring a friend or sibling to the class!  The more participation, more fun and more fundraising for the team. The team arranging the class will be the sole recipient of the Fundraising.

To set up Fundraising Fitness Classes for your team contact: Cory Claeys at or (403) 807 0936.

News Release

Action Pack Fundraising

The Ultimate Fundraiser for HOCKEY CALGARY TEAMS.

We’ve listened to teams, players and parents and the consensus was loud and clear– “We need better fundraising!”

The Action Pack is the solution – the ultimate fundraising product and program. Give your supporters something they actually want – BIG VALUE!

Highest Margin Paid. Action Pack Sells For $25.00 /Your Team Keeps $13.00 + $2.00 goes to the Even Strength Program.

We even provide you with a full color, customized poster that's emailable to family, friends and supporters. Post it on your social media as well. This is an awesome and simple to use marketing tool for your fundraising campaign that makes sales easier.

There is no cost to get involved, all books are on consignment and are even customized with your logo.

For information & to register (24/7) click on the link to our site to reserve copies for your team as there are a limited supply available.

You can also register or get more information by phone, simply call 403-606-0695 or 1-800-586-5537.

Steeped Tea Fundraising

Steeped Tea fundraising offers a unique product that will bring excitement to your supporters this season. The Steeped Tea Fundraising Program offers fine loose leaf tea — twelve delicious flavors, in four tea varieties — and three infusers that pair perfectly with our teas.

Selling Steeped Tea is fun and easy!

• We provide a streamlined brochure for you and your sellers.

• Tea is very popular: 5 out of 6 North Americans drink tea.

• It’s a practical and popular product and also makes a great gift!

Each product is sold at an easy set price of $12*. Earn 40% ($4.80) for each item sold. *Price includes shipping and handling. Taxes may apply.

Happy Sipping!

For more information please contact:

Erin Stabbler
Whitney Chan

Gojis Frozen Yogurt
Come in and try Gojis Frozen Yogurt and make money back for your hockey team!

Gojis Frozen Yogurt is a Canadian franchise that offers self-serve frozen yogurt with a large selection of flavors and toppings. There are choices of non-dairy, gluten free and kosher. We have sorbets, gelatos, pro-yo, almond milk and coconut milk options too.

We offer fundraising to any groups such as charities, sporting groups, school groups etc.

Have your team, families, friends come into the store at a particular time (ex. 4-5 p.m.), fill up their cups with our delicious selection and as a give back we would offer you 20% of the total spent in that time frame, back to your group.

Goji’s Calgary is located in Royal Oak at #6116, 8650 112 AVE NW.

Please contact Hussein for more details at 587-435-4659 or by e-mail .

Gojis Brochure & Coupons

The HOME TEAM Novice Book Fundraiser (Novice Age Category)

Every hockey game has a story. Every hockey fan has a favourite NHL team. We’re putting that love of the game together in this year’s fundraiser for the Novice players on your team. The HOME Team books are NHL licensed. They tell the story of three boys and a girl who dream of playing for their favourite NHL team. The children learn lessons about how to play like a team, do their best, never give up and the value of honesty. In the books they go on a journey where they meet their favourite player and mascot. Every book ends with a happy ending to celebrate the passion for the game! There are 10 team books plus an NHL Mascots book for sale. The books sell for $15 and the team keeps $8. $1 of the proceeds go back towards the Flames EvenStrength Foundation.

The HOME TEAM Novice Book Fundraiser PDF
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