Tournament Sanctions

Tournament sanctions for the 2021-22 season

* Tournament Sanctions may be revoked if not compliant with local or provincial public health orders.

Community Hockey
(Effective for 2021-22 season) 

*Refer to each Age Category for exceptions and limitations 

Preseason: Sep 24 to Oct 22 
Season Break: Nov 22 to Dec 5 
Winter Break: Dec 24 to Jan 1 
Regular Season: Jan 2 to Feb 21
Post Season U9: Feb 21 to Apr 30 
Post Season U11 to U18: Mar 17 to Apr 30 

U7 to U18 teams may request 1 Schedule Window during the Regular Season (Dec 6 to Dec 23) and (Jan 2-Feb 20) to host or attend a tournament.  Schedule Windows will not be permitted during the Seeding Round (Oct 23 to Nov 21). 

U7 (Timbits)

  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 13 
  • Maximum 3 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Hockey Calgary Jamboree) 
    • 1 may be out of town tournament (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries


  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 27 
  • Maximum 2 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Hockey Calgary Jamboree) 
    • 1 may be out of town tournament (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries) 

U9 (Novice) 

  • Teams can host or attend tournaments beginning November 22 
  • Maximum 3 tournaments/jamborees (excluding Esso Minor Hockey Week) 
    • 2 may be out of town tournaments (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries) 

U11 (Atom), U13 (Pee Wee), U15 (Bantam), U18 (Midget)

  • Maximum 4 tournaments (excluding Esso Minor Hockey Week, City Championships and Provincials) 
  • 2 may be out of town tournaments (defined as any rink outside Hockey Calgary boundaries) 
    • Exceptions may be made with the approval of their Association 


In Town Tournament requests (games within Hockey Calgary boundaries)
Hockey Calgary will approve a maximum number of tournaments within each Age Category and Tier during each weekend of the Preseason, Seasonal Break, Winter Break and Post Season. 

This will ensure:

  1. The availability of qualified officials so tournament games can be played in a safe manner
  2. Tournaments are not cancelled due to lack of teams or interest
  3. Calgary’s Ice Pool is utilized in an effective manner 


  • Each Association may request a maximum of 5 tournaments per weekend, with no more than 2 within the top 3 Tiers of the same age category.
  • Hockey Calgary will manage approval of tournament requests to ensure the number of tournaments does not exceed the number in the table below. 
  • Tournament format must be a maximum of 4 teams and 8 games, excluding U7 (Timbits)
  • Exceptions may be made for tournaments with out of town teams attending where the total number of tournament games that weekend does not exceed the Central Region maximum
  • Hockey Calgary does not recommend U11 to U18 teams host tournaments during the City Championships (Feb 22 to Mar 16).  Tournament Sanctions may be approved during this time with the understanding that in the event of a schedule conflict, City Championships will take priority.
  • Hockey Calgary will manage approval of requests to ensure the number of tournaments approved does not exceed limitations. Exceptions to the above guidelines will be considered provided the number of tournaments does not exceed the number in the chart below:   
Tier U9 U11 U13 Tier U15 U18
1 4 3 3 BC1 2 2
2 4 3 3 BC2 2 2
3 4 3 3 BC3 2 2
4 4 3 3 NBC1 2 2
5   3 3 NBC2 2 2
6   3 3 NBC3 2 2
7   3   NBC4 2  


  • Tournament Sanction requests will remain pending until the deadline for requests (refer to the Hockey Calgary website).
    • If the number of requests is within the limitations detailed in the above chart requests will be approved within 24 hours of the deadline.
    • If the number of requests exceeds limitations a random draw will be made from all requests and those drawn will be approved within 24 hours. 


Sanctioning Out of Town Tournament requests (games outside Hockey Calgary boundaries) 

Hockey Calgary will consider tournament requests for out of town tournaments during the Preseason, Season Break, Winter Break, Regular Season and Post Season only. 

  • Each team may ‘HOST’ a maximum of 1 out of town tournament 
  • Tournaments are limited to a maximum of 4 Calgary teams 
  • To minimize financial exposure, Hockey Calgary recommends: 
    • Host teams do not sign ice contracts until their Tournament Sanction has been approved 
    • Ensure local ranked and certified officials are available through the Referee in Chief or their designate from the Local Minor Hockey Association in the jurisdiction where the games are being played before requesting their Tournament Sanction 

Tournament Sanction requests will be approved within 5 business days of submission and are not subject to any limitations. 

NEW – In Town Tournaments During Regular Season (Pilot for 2021-22 Season) 

In town tournament requests during the ‘Regular Season’ will be considered on a trial basis in the 2021-22 season. 

  • Tournament format must be a maximum of 4 teams and 8 games 
    • Exception will be to U7 (Timbits) tournament requests 
  • Each Association may request a maximum of 1 tournament per weekend 
  • Ice must be supplied by the Association Scheduler from their usual private contracts 
  • Association must ensure they provide the minimum ice requirement for scheduling their regular season games.  This includes U7 (Timbits) tournament requests. 
  • Teams hosting or attending are required to use their 1 Schedule Window.  No Exceptions.