November 8, 2017

Schedule Window Deadline is Dec 5, 2017

Please remind all Calgary teams attending a tournament during regular season, including the HOST team, to submit the "Play in a Tournament" form using their Team Manager user account.  A travel permit will be automatically sent to the team by email, and a schedule window will be created if appropriate. 

Out of Town Tournaments during the Regular Season is Dec 1, 2017

  • Branch Tournaments (all teams from Alberta) - hosted outside Calgary, October 1st prior to seeding round and Dec 1, prior to regular season.  These dates ensure there is enough time to apply for Schedule Window Requests.  This applies to the regular season only ending Feb 25th, 2018.


  • Inter-Branch Tournaments (one or more team from outisde Alberta) - hosted outside Calgary, 60 days prior to the tournament or no later than October 1st for touanemts during the seeding round and December 1st for tournaments during the regular season.


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