May 16, 2017

Victor Walk Documentary - Theo Fleury

On June 2, Breakfree Foundation will be hosting a screening of the documentary Victor Walk, which followed Theo Fleury on his inaugural Victor Walk back in 2013, where he walked from Toronto to Ottawa to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. His story has been very publicized, but there's a bigger message in their documentary, as the film has really struck a cord with the hockey community, with parents, with kids and with many others.

The Breakfree Foundation is a local non-profit, and the producers the Victor Walk, and now they work with survivors of all traumas in Alberta. This event is not only for awareness, but an important fundraiser to keep their programs running, and their foundation as a whole.

As Theo is the co-founder of our non-profit, and the star of this film, he will be in attendance, as well as other NHL and Flames alumni.

 Victor Walk Trailer

Tickets to the show can be purchased on Ticketmaster.  


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