As we head into the upcoming season concussions continue to be a major topic within the HC membership.  Our goal as an organization needs to be to continue to educate our members regarding this serious health risk. Below you will find information on concussions and body checking injuries. This information includes app’s that are available and the ‘concussion awareness training tool’. This tool provides up to date education for parents, players, and coaches regarding concussions.



As per Hockey Canada Policy if a participant is suspected of having a concussion, the following steps MUST occur:

  • The participant is immediately removed from play, regardless if the concussion occurs on or off the ice and s/he is not permitted to return to play that day. If there are doubts, assume that a concussion has occurred.
  • The participant is referred to a physician for diagnosis as soon as possible.
  • Once a participant, who is experiencing “concussion like symptoms” is diagnosed with a concussion, the participant is not permitted to return to play or practice/training until all of the return to play requirements are met.

Written clearance from a physician is required as outlined in the return to play strategy prior to returning to activity. A copy of this documentation is maintained as per Member/Minor Hockey Association policy and procedures.


Concussion Information

Hockey Canada - Return to Play Brochure (PDF)

Hockey Canada - Return to Play Checklist (PDF)

Hockey Canada - Free Concussion Awareness APP

CATTONLINE - Concussion Awareness Training Tool

Concussion App for your Ipad


Berlin Consensus Statement 2017
SCAT 5 Tool

Get your very own Concussion Recognition Tool Coaching Board

Hockey Alberta Concussion Information Page

Body Checking Information

Body Checking Information Page 

Body Checking - Fast Facts

Body Checking - FAQ

Safety Guidelines

Hockey Canada's - Safety Requires Teamwork & Safety for All

Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre with the University of Calgary offers complete support to those who have experienced a concussion and would like the care they need to return to the ice safely. 

For more information please visit the Hockey Study page

If you have any questions about this research, or to book your team in for testing, please contact:

Research coordinators (Nicole) 403-220-6336 or

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