NR - HC and RCPF Team Up for Health and Fitness

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October 26, 2015



                                            TEAM UP FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS!


Hockey Calgary is pleased to announce a new partnership with Recovering Couch Potato Fitness as the new official Health and Fitness sponsor of Hockey Calgary.

Recovering Couch Potato Fitness promotes a healthy active lifestyle for parents to take part in while their child/ren are on the ice during practice.

Looking to help fundraise minor hockey throughout Calgary, Corey Claeys is seeking team parents to sign up for Recovering Couch Potato fitness classes while making money for their team.

How it works:

·         Team Representative (ie: Manager) contacts Recovering Couch Potato Fitness to review the teams' schedule (ie: monthly) to determine availability and onsite room facilities for a Fitness Class.

·         Recovering Couch Potato Fitness will plan, organize and put on a Fitness Class for parents to drop in. Drop in rate is $15. 

·         Initial revenue from the Class goes to pay any expenses (for example rent charges for the venue).

o   25% of the net proceeds each month are given back to the team, after expenses are paid.

·         Recovering Couch Potato Fitness offers classes by a Certified and Insured Personal Trainer

“We are excited to have Recovering Couch Potato Fitness as a new sponsor,” said Kevin Kobelka, Hockey Calgary’s executive director. “Fundraising is essential, and the chance to do it with a healthy, fun initiative like this is perfect for hockey families and is a wonderful opportunity.”

Fitness Classes are not only limited to parents associated with the team. Parents are encouraged to bring a friend or sibling to the class!  The more participation, more fun and more fundraising for the team. The team arranging the class will be the sole recipient of the Fundraising.

To set up Fundraising Fitness Classes for your team contact:  or visit  for more information.

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