Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be the best amateur sports association in Canada.


Through our membership we promote:

  • Healthy & Safe Competition
  • Positive Life Skills
  • Fair Opportunity
  • Optimal Hockey Skill Development
  • Access to the Game

For the enjoyment and success of all participants!


The core values that we apply daily are:

  • Accountable - we are responsible to the membership for all decisions and actions.
  • Approachable / Collaborative / Communicative - we listen to the concerns of the member organizations and build mutually beneficial relationships with others.
  • Safety - we promote healthy and safe competition.
  • Consistency - we will be open and consistent in the interpretation and application of rules, regulations, and policies.
  • Fair Play Codes - we support the principals of fair play, and the 'Fair Play Codes'.
  • Respect - we promote respect in all aspects of the game from players to officials to parents, to coaches, and spectators.

We live these values through the daily application of the principles of the "Fair Play Code".