Esso Minor Hockey Week

Esso Minor Hockey Week is the largest minor hockey tournament in the world, which includes all categories and divisions from Atom to Junior. Esso Minor Hockey Week sees over 8,500 kids, 507 teams, 2,500 coaches and over 4,000 volunteers. This Tournament is the Stanley Cup of minor hockey, which first kicked off back in 1970 and is still going strong today.

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Find Your League

Atom Pee Wee Bantam Midget Junior
Atom 1 Pee Wee 1 Bantam 1 Midget 1 Junior C
Atom 2 Pee Wee 2 Bantam 2 Midget 2 Junior Rec
Atom 3 Pee Wee 3 Bantam 3 Midget 3
Atom 4 Pee Wee 4 Bantam 4 Midget 4
Atom 5 Pee Wee 5 Bantam 5 Midget 5
Atom 6 Pee Wee 6 Bantam 6 Midget 6
Atom 7 Pee Wee 7 Bantam 7 Midget AA
Atom 8 Pee Wee 8 Bantam 8 Midget Rec
Atom 9 Pee Wee 9 Bantam AA Midget Girls A
Atom 10 Pee Wee 10 Bantam Rec Midget Girls B
Atom 11 Pee Wee 11 Bantam Rec A
Atom 12 Pee Wee Rec Bantam Girls A
Atom Girls Pee Wee Girls A Bantam Girls B
Pee Wee Girls B

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