Bow River Bruins Pee Wee 3

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Oct. 18, 4:30pmFather David Bauer
P3S Exhibition Game
HGHC 1 White VBow River 3
Oct. 20, 12:30pmFrank McCool
P3N Exhibition Game
HGHC 1 Red VBow River 3
Oct. 22, 5:00pmBowness Sportsplex
P3N Exhibition Game
HBow River 3 VCrowfoot 3
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Team Officials

Assistant Coach: GRANT COULOMBE
Assistant Coach: JASON MANN

Team Manager

Richelle Hollick

Association: Bow River

Upcoming Events

16 Oct

Seeding Round schedule available at HC website

26 Oct

Seeding Round - Community Leagues

12 Nov

DEADLINE: Request to host a tournament December 9 to 31

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