Everyone Wins With Respect

Hockey Calgary is pleased to announce the launch of our new marketing campaign: Everyone Wins With Respect. It is a campaign with a message for players, parents and coaches, a simple reminder that keeping respect in the forefront of our game benefits everyone.

The campaign’s imagery is set in a Penalty Box, an iconic symbol of repercussion and reflection. Portrayed in our series of images are players, parents and a coach, each in the penalty box dealing with the isolation and remorse felt when singled out for displaying a lack of respect. Whether a poor choice made by a player on the ice or inappropriate behaviour on the bench or in the stands, their actions result in the game being kept from its true nature: a positive, fun and safe environment for everyone.

Look for the campaign in hockey arenas and other City of Calgary recreation facilities.


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To report a moment when RESPECT was shown, or an incident where RESPECT was missing, click here.