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summer programming!

THE KIDZFIRST CLUB - Your Child’s Passport To Sport!

Do you ever wish that your child could experience playing all the sports you did growing up? Do you ever wish that your child had the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and the balance that is achieved through multi-sport development?

The Kidzfirst Club is an AFFORDABLE / ACCESSIBLE opportunity to engage youth in multi-sport activity. Become a member for as little as $49.95 + tax and receive the following benefits:

1. Access to 1 FREE Hockey development program*

2. Access to 1 FREE Baseball development program*

3. Access to 1 FREE Basketball development program*

4. Access to 1 FREE Aussie Rules development program (seasonal availability)*

5. Exclusive Club member discounts on youth Golf programs

6. Exclusive Club member discounts on multi-sport summer camps

7. Exclusive Club member discounts at local athletic development service providers

8. Exclusive Club member discounts at local sponsor/supporting retail partners

9. VIP access to additional "pop up" or "specialty" Kidzfirst development camps

10. VIP access to Kidzfirst community events

11. VIP access to additional sport development programs as new programs added

Valued at over $225.00 / athlete, the Kidzfirst Club is a unique opportunity to support Grassroots athletic development in your community, all while receiving access to professionally coached athletic development programs in a multi-sport environment.


All programs can be found on the KidzFirst website - or in their Kidzfirst Club document.

Please contact Jeff Atkinson for more details.

Jeff Atkinson