Volunteer of the Month


Meet our Volunteer of the Month for February, Ashley Cardinal!  Ashley is a mom of three including Caden who plays for the Southwest Cougars Pee Wee 6 Gold.

"Ashley is our team manager for the Southwest Peewee 6 Gold team. She always goes above and beyond her role as a team manager, especially when it comes to motivating the players and making their hockey experience both fun and memorable. She has done things such as made trophy pucks for each player, held team parties with candied apples and Christmas-themed food items, organized a parent party at an out of town tournament with a beverage named for every different Hockey Calgary Association, bought pompoms for all of the parents to cheer at games, comes dressed as our team cheerleader, and takes hundreds of photos of every game and event, uploading them on our Teamsnap so all of the players can see themselves in action. During Esso Minor, our team made it to finals (where we sadly lost), but each game she came more and more extravagantly done up to hype up the team. After we lost and our players were both devastated and heartbroken, she presented them with a song she made called P6G. It really helped to lift spirits of the team and ease the blow of losing. She then put it online and it’s definitely made its way around social media as HipHop Hockey Mom’s P6G. Our Association Facebook page has posted many fun photos she took over EMHW as well as the song that was made, with a special shout out acknowledging what she does to keep our division 6 players motivated and loving the game of hockey. There is a lot of work in just being a team manager, but what she does for the kids is beyond anything I’ve seen in the job description for a volunteer team manager."