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Justin Ikebuchi embodied the term “committed” in the hockey community. Acting as the Timbit Coordinator prior to becoming Vice President of Hockey Operations with Springbank MHA, Justin was always willing to go the extra mile to lend a hand where needed. Arriving each day with a smile, he showed genuine interest in each player, parent and coach at the rink. “Associations need people like Justin who are beyond selfless and willing to give their time to the sport.  Justin Ikebuchi passed away on October 13, 2020. He leaves his wife, Jamie and their four children, Sydney, Raiden, Calder and Devin. We would like to again extend our deepest condolences to the Ikebuchi family on the loss of Justin.Ikebuchi, a great volunteer and leader in the hockey community.

"Justin Ikebuchi passed away on October 13, 2020. He leaves his wife, Jamie and there four children, Sydney, Raiden, Calder and Devin. His extended family in the hockey community is devastated and hurting from this loss. In Justin’s short time, he has made a massive impact on the community and the hockey world is one where his impact is massive. Justin was a Timbit coordinator for six years at Springbank Minor Hockey and most recently as Vice President, Hockey Operations at Springbank along with many other roles and jobs that he had that I can’t even tell you because he just did them and didn’t advertise about his service. I can’t tell you how many teams that he has coached at Springbank but there are many. He was always there to help, always! He came to the rink every day with a smile on his face and was always open to a conversation. He was the most encouraging person to all the kids and had the best interests of every kid in mind when he coached. He was involved in the game for all the right reasons! As I have told the many teams that will be honouring Justin with ’JI’ helmet stickers this year, he was one of the good ones, REAL good ones. Please accept my nomination of Justin Ikebuchi for Volunteer of the Month for October (although it should be more of a Lifetime Achievement Award for all the things he has done!!). Regards, Cory Larson"

MARCH 2020

In celebration of National Volunteer Week we are pleased to introduce Quinn Motteram, our Volunteer of the Month for March!  Quinn is the Head Coach of the Saints Pee Wee 4 team and is proud to give back and make an impact on the next generation of hockey players.

"Quinn Motteram is currently the head coach of the Calgary Saints Pee Wee 4 team. Notably, Quinn is 19 years old. Quinn has missed one game and two practices all season. He is an incredibly talented hockey player, skater, and coach. He has a great rapport not only with the kids on our team, but also with the parents of the kids on our team. He is always accessible, and addresses our teams’ concerns with patience, kindness and caring - no matter how upset the parent or the player is, Quinn has a way to address their concerns without being belittling, demeaning or dismissive. Quinn’s dad, Ron, is also a long-time volunteer in both hockey and ringette, and it is amazing to see that Quinn’s parents are equally supportive of his dedication to this team. This is actually Quinn’s second year of being a head coach. It is absolutely amazing to see a young adult, who grew up playing hockey, can turn around and give back to the hockey community in this way. I think it is every parents’ hope after their kids are done hockey that they will also volunteer for the same organizations they played with. So, honestly, it’s been amazing to see Quinn work with these kids. Quinn’s parents and his family also continue to put on their charity haunted house, the Panorama Panic, and continue to give back to their community in countless ways."



Meet our Volunteer of the Month for February, Ashley Cardinal!  Ashley is a mom of three including Caden who plays for the Southwest Cougars Pee Wee 6 Gold.

"Ashley is our team manager for the Southwest Peewee 6 Gold team. She always goes above and beyond her role as a team manager, especially when it comes to motivating the players and making their hockey experience both fun and memorable. She has done things such as made trophy pucks for each player, held team parties with candied apples and Christmas-themed food items, organized a parent party at an out of town tournament with a beverage named for every different Hockey Calgary Association, bought pompoms for all of the parents to cheer at games, comes dressed as our team cheerleader, and takes hundreds of photos of every game and event, uploading them on our Teamsnap so all of the players can see themselves in action. During Esso Minor, our team made it to finals (where we sadly lost), but each game she came more and more extravagantly done up to hype up the team. After we lost and our players were both devastated and heartbroken, she presented them with a song she made called P6G. It really helped to lift spirits of the team and ease the blow of losing. She then put it online and it’s definitely made its way around social media as HipHop Hockey Mom’s P6G. Our Association Facebook page has posted many fun photos she took over EMHW as well as the song that was made, with a special shout out acknowledging what she does to keep our division 6 players motivated and loving the game of hockey. There is a lot of work in just being a team manager, but what she does for the kids is beyond anything I’ve seen in the job description for a volunteer team manager."

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